"All our dishes are food we love to eat and for us, the best way to eat is to have many plates enjoying the array of flavours , sharing with family and friends with copious amounts of wine! So forget about the conventions of starter and main courses and come join us!"



Yoghurt bread, smoked butter – 3.00

Vegan Paté, lime and coriander – 4.50

Seaweed crisp, gherkin dip – 4.50

Olive, tapenade and crudités – 4.50

Chicken Liver Parfait, madeira jelly and toast – 6.50



Crispy Brie Cheese, tomato and vanilla jam - 6.50

Aubergine, chimichurri, romesco and migas – 7.00

Placki, spinach, raisins and pine nuts – 7.00

Polenta, wild mushrooms, garlic and truffle - 7.50

Beets, horseradish ricotta, raddish and watercress – 7.00



Hake Ceviche, almond milk and kimchee crumb – 7.50

Flamed Salmon, wasabi potato salad and samphire – 8.00

Mackerel, heritage salad and Persian lemon dressing - 8.50

Grilled Octopus, harissa yoghurt and herbs salad - 10.50



Roasted Quail, red cabbage, kale and cassava crisps – 8.50

Pork Cheeks, chou-croute and apple – 8.50

Onglet Steak, portobello, café de Paris – 9.50

Lamb chops, sherry wine kidneys, mint peas and pickles – 13.00



Rosemary chips, Spinach, Leaf salad or Sautéed Greens - 3.00